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Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching

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Executive Coaching is all about building and integrating Emotional Intelligence with Business Intelligence.  It is intended for:

  • Advancing the High Potential Pool. SRC coaches support increased organizational expectations and visibility by helping high potentials identify strategies to enhance their impact in the organization.
  • Increasing a High Performer’s Capabilities. In order to push results to the next level, SRC coaches encourage the exploration, discovery and examination of business challenges from unique and distinctive angles.
  • Supporting Leaders in Periods of Transition. SRC coaches work with leaders to identify key performance factors that will reduce ramp-up time and decrease organizational churn.
  • Leveraging Learning in Leadership Development Programs. SRC coaches reinforce new learning, encourage immediate application of leadership and business concepts, and create accountability for actions.
  • Redirecting Performance of Valued Employees. SRC coaches provide an objective, performer-focused way to help individuals identify and resolve issues that may be blocking long term success.

Benefits of Coaching

Coaching has a multitude of positive impacts at many levels. At the individual level, coaching results in increased productivity and improved performance for the leader and those in his or her sphere of influence. At the organizational level, it can be a key lever in retaining top-value leaders and a tangible way to manage an organization’s best talent. Finally, by creating accountability, coaching offers a practical way to align strategic goals, cultural changes or business results with an organization’s leadership capability.

Coaching Team

SRC has a pool of coaches who have extensive experience working in corporate environments, large and small. Our coaches work with the organization and with the individual to determine the intended results for the coaching relationship, creating a unique and customized approach for each situation.

Coaching Process

Coaching occurs through a series of ongoing conversations and focuses on meeting specific future goals. To begin the process, a coach will conduct in-person interviews to gather information relevant to the coaching process, and may also incorporate a 360 degree assessment and feedback process as needed. All SRC coaches work through three distinct phases:

  • Discovery is the phase where the general context for the conversation unfolds. The leader and coach agree on the parameters, desired outcomes, gaps to close and how to gather feedback.
  • Development is the most complex of the three phases. In a collaborative fashion, SRC coaches use a cycle of awareness building, reframing, taking action and evaluating until the identified gaps narrow significantly or close completely.
  • Delivery is the phase that solidifies long-term sustainable results. The leader and coach focus on creating a follow-up plan to firmly establish achieved outcomes well after the coaching relationship is concluded.