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As organizations and leaders adjust to the ever-changing economic environment, they must ask themselves:

  • What skills do leaders need to develop a compelling new vision?
  • How will leaders need to act differently than they have in the past?
  • What agreements and behaviors have to be in place in order to pull the business strategy through successfully?
  • What level of buy-in exists on the team to insure success?
  • What’s in place to ensure the change will stick?

SRC is uniquely qualified not only to know the right questions, but more importantly, guide you through a process to co-create the answers, develop and apply the vision, and develop the agreements and skills necessary to transform your leadership culture and fulfill your business strategy and commitments.

Our Services

Executive Coaching:

Increase performance, support leadership, and advance potential by participating in our customized coaching programs for executives and leaders. Learn more >

Group Process Facilitation:

Clarify critical objectives, solve complex problems, and improve the effectiveness of your team with targeted guidance from our experienced facilitators. Learn more >


Build critical leadership skills in our training programs, which focus on topics from strategic visioning to effective presentation skills to work-life balance. Learn more >

Transformational Programs:

Develop sustaining individual, team, and organization leadership transformation through a programmatic approach that incorporates mutually reinforcing activities such as coaching, peer learning, and training delivered over an optimal timeframe. Learn more >

Our Leadership Models

SRC uses the following model to link executive performance with business results:

Scaling as a Leader: The 7 Key Areas for Executive Leadership

Stephanie Reynolds Consulting, Model Key Areas
Throughout 20 years of coaching, training and consulting in large organizations, we have determined that leaders must master seven key leadership skills in order to scale effectively. Emotional Intelligence is the platform for these competencies:

  • Managing up: Political Adeptness, Strategic Visioning
  • Managing down: High Performing Teams, Performance Management, Career Development
  • Managing across: Influencing Skills, Cross Group Collaboration